Cat Smits designs her own puppets and carves them out of flexible foam rubber. Her puppets are not only visually beautiful, she also designs them to perform intricate physical scenes and dancesThe puppets look lifelike and become believable characters that one can really connect with.


Since January 2024, Cat is artistic director at the School of Puppets for advanced performers and puppeteers. The School of Puppets is unique in The Netherlands in offering a structured 6-month program in puppetry skills, object theater and puppet making. The course starts in January. For more information: School of Puppets – Haags Theaterhuis

Want to learn how to make puppets?

Send a message to cat@catsmitscompany.com. Puppetry is an art form in which makers learn from makers. Cat Smits Company is deeply connected to Duda Paiva Company and has now developed its own style.

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